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Just as intelligence transforms a schematic diagram from a mere picture into an engineering definition, so it can transform a 3D laser scan into an engineering asset.


Advanced LFM software enables the analysis of the point cloud to identify engineering objects such as pipes and beams and to reverse engineer them into native 3D objects in the design system.

For operations support, it is also possible to manually navigate through the scan model and assign individual tag references to pipes, pumps, valves and so on. Because tag references are the key to a huge and complex information asset, this transforms the as-built representation into an intelligent model. A user can quickly and intuitively ‘ask’ a pump to provide, for example, its position in the P&ID, its technical specification, or even its maintenance history.

Laser scanning opens a new doorway into the Digital Plant information asset for both projects and operations support.



LFM Software Intelligence
  • The BubbleView™ provides a 360° high-resolution 3D image. It is so powerful that the user has the impression of being on site.
  • Using LFM’s InfiniteCore™ technology, an unlimited number of registered scans can be stored in a single dataset, without compromise. Access speed and quality of laser scan data are unaffected.