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Neutrality has always been a key driver for LFM software. By providing a software solution that accepts data from all leading scanner manufacturers and that can interface with all leading CAD vendors LFM provides maximum flexibility and efficiency for our customers.



Open on the Inputs

LFM software accepts data from all the major scanner manufacturers:

  • FARO
  • Leica
  • Trimble
  • Z+F

This OPEN approach provides limitless opportunities for our customers by allowing them to work with any laser scanner. The ability to use a variety of hardware technologies to create a single laser scan dataset allows for specialist surveying, project work share, and consistently-maintained as-operating asset information.
Ultimately this provides a freedom of choice for surveying companies; which are not constrained by a single scanner manufacturer, engineering contractors; which can work with a variety of surveying companies – often on a single project, and owner operators; who ultimately have the broadest choice resulting in dramatically increased efficiencies and flexibilities.

Advancing Technologies
Mobile scanning technology is now commonplace within the laser scanning industry and this further enhances the benefits of LFM’s OPEN approach to laser scanning software. Data from hand-held and airborne devices can all be utilised within LFM’s unique technology alongside the more traditional static scanner data. As the hardware in use within the engineering community advances the opportunities and capabilities provided by LFM expand.

Open on the Outputs

Just as we have developed our technology to maintain neutrality on the inputs of laser scan data we have also strived to ensure we can provide our customers with the same OPEN approach on the outputs as well.

  • Autodesk
  • Bentley
  • Intergraph
  • Siemens

LFM maintain close relationships with the leading CAD vendors, ensuring that customers benefit from a seamless interface between LFM software and their preferred design system. Investments in CAD technology are secure and our customers once again have total flexibility and a freedom of choice, commanding significant increases in efficiency.