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  • FEATURES This instrument is mainly suitable for high precision survey of engineering including construction project, mines, road, etc It possesses convenient operation, clear image, water proof facility, type X air dampening and compensation mechanism It is speedy & reliable as well SPECIFICATIONS Magnification 32x Minimum focusing distance 0.6M Standard deviation for 1KM double run levelling 1.5mm / 0.7mm with micrometer Net weight 2.2kg
  • How the Vantage Works… The operation of the Laser Tracker is easy to understand – it measures two angles and a distance. First, the tracker sends a laser beam to a retroreflective target held against the object to be measured. Light is then reflected off the target and retraces its path, re-entering the tracker at the same position it left. As light re-enteres the tracker, two angle encoders measure the elevation and rotational angles while a highly accurate absolute distance meter is used to determine the 3D position of the retroreflector. Features: Compact Size Water and Dust Resistant IP52 Rating TruADM MultiView Cameras SmartFind TriMap Encoders In-Line Optics Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Completely Ruggedized IP67 water & dust resistant; magnesium housing “a full metal jacket”! More Memory Up to 1 gigabyte with option to expand Compact & Convenient Connections 2 styles of USB connections located on top for convenience 2 9-pin serial connections located on top for legacy equipment Easy to Hold and Control Just 2 pounds! Key size & location optimized for precise handling Back Lit Control Keys Easily see when quick command keys are activated Longer Battery Life 8-10 hours standard with option to add second battery
  • FEATURES Compact size, convenient operation High strength material plus TPE for better shock proof Operating distance 200m Slope function in manual mode SPECIFICATIONS Accuracy 20” Operating distance 200m Self levelling range 4° Laser class 2M Power Rechargeable batteries IP Class IP54
  • FEATURES Excellent shockproof function Sealed structure can be used in all weather conditions Rubber protection Special design for construction Air dampening compensator SPECIFICATIONS Magnification 24x Minimum focusing distance 1M Standard deviation for 1KM double run levelling 3mm Net weight 1.4kg
  • FEATURES Compact size, convenient operation High strength material plus TPE for better shock proof Operating distance 200m Slope function in manual mode SPECIFICATIONS Accuracy 20” Operating distance 200m Self levelling range 4° Laser class 2M Power Rechargeable batteries IP Class IP54
  • A field computer that is compact and lightweight, yet tough and resilient. The Carlson MINI data collector is small, but mighty, and just what surveyors and contractors need in the field: It’s compact: less than 4 x 6.5 inches Runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Get lightning-quick processing and wireless connectivity Fits comfortably in one hand and weighs just less than a pound Comes complete with Carlson SurvCE, the most powerful data collection software on the market today MIL-STD-810F-rated for water, humidity, sand and dust, vibration, altitude, shock, high temperature, low temperature, and temperature shock; Waterproof and dustproof rated IP67 Featuring a backlit, touch screen and a high contrast color displa It’s truly RUGGED: Leave it in a hot car or forget it overnight in the depth of winter. Accidentally drop it, get it wet, sit on it — go ahead, don’t be careful with it. The Carlson MINI is built to be used in the field with a long battery life, sunshine-readable screen, and operable in extreme temperatures.
  • Processing and managing scanned data both efficiently and easily by using the automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning , SCENE is specifically designed for use witha all of Faro’s large-volume laser scanners. Combining ease-of-use, networking, and an enhanced 3D experience to deliver a complete scan processing solution, SCENE has the ability to generate high-quality, colorized data very quickly, while providing the tools for automated target-less scan positioning. Once SCENE has prepared the scan data, you can commence evaluation and further processing right away. SCENE provides a series of easy-to-use functions at your disposal from simple measuring to 3D visualisation to meshing and exporting into various point cloud and CAD formats. Scan projects can now be published on a web server at the push of a button. The new Web-Share feature allows you to share your scanning projects over the internet. Provide intuitive access to customers and partners and proved them with the ability to perform simple measurements or add additional information and hyperlinks to a scan.
  • New and Improved! The All-in-One Surveyor+ GNSS System — a dual frequency RTK GNSS receiver and field controller ! Important qualities include: Accurate Affordable Rugged Reliable SCALE-ABLE: If you have theCarlson Surveyor+ data collector now or are thinking about purchasing one, you can add the RTK engine at anytime VERSATILE: Network RTK, Base/Rover RTK and static capable FLEXIBLE: Works with drivers for most all brands of total stations & robotics; get ability to localize the set-up and backsight You’ll get all this and more with the Carlson Surveyor+ GNSS System: Loaded with Carlson SurvCE — our field data collection software, works together with our office software for seamless integration from field to office and back. Carlson SurvCE works with all brands of survey equipment: conventional total stations, robotic total stations, and RTK GPS survey gear. Survey offices and survey departments throughout the US and the world are finding this obvious combination the most productive, straightforward survey solution for their field and office needs. Network RTK Ready: Internal GSM SIM Card Enabled Modem Internal Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® Connectivity System provides 8-plus hours total operation Includes all of the specifications of the Carlson Surveyor+! Office Compatibility: Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Mining, Carlson Takeoff & Carlson Construction — full suite solutions.
  • The Faro Focus 3D is a high-speed 3D laser scanner for detailed measurement and documentation. The Focus 3D uses laser technology to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes. Features:
    • Versatile and cost-effective solution
    • Compact, lightweight, and portable
    • Integrated color camera for creating photorealistic scenes
    • Intuitive touch screen interface ideal for new users
    • WLAN remote control
  • Digital and laser-equiped models to fit every need The DT-40 series features seven different models with four accuracy ratings. The four standard models include angle accuracies of 2, 5, 7 or 9 arc seconds. The L-series instruments (5, 7 or 9 arc seconds) add the convenience of coaxial, long-range, visible laser beam to make sighting exact points easier and facilitating alignment and layout application. All models feature Sokkia’s advanced absolute encoder systems, superior optics, and field-proven automatic compensators. They also boast the industry’s highest IP66 ratings for water and dust protection. Reliable, easy-to-use, jobsite tough—choose a DT-40 series digital theodolite for maximum productivity. Key DT-40 features include: Unsurpassed 2.5” telescope resolving power* Absolute encoders for maximum angle precision Industry’s highest water and dust protection—IP66 220m /660 ft long-range laser pointer (L models only) 0.4mm@10m ultra-focused beam spot (L models only) * Does not apply to DT940L model
  • FEATURES: Highly visible, stable, compact 5 Laser dots at 90° Laser blinks when out of levelling range Robust unit ______ SPECIFICATIONS H accuracy 4 mm / 10 m V accuracy 4 mm / 10 m UP beam accuracy 4 mm / 10 m Down beam accuracy 6 mm / 10 m Operating distance 30 m Laser class 2 M